Parents Helping Parents with Kids' Classes

Get tips & help from other parents in your kids' class, school, camps.


How It Works

Easily find out about classes from the people you trust the most, other parents. Sync up schedules so your kids can go with their friends. Even arrange carpools.


What's everyone taking

See which classes your kids' friends are going to, find out what's popular.


How good is it really

Connect and learn more about class offerings, get insider tips from parents you trust.



Find out about friends and neighbors going to the same classes. You don't all need to drive!


Built by Parents, for Parents

We get frustrated too with missing out on classes or signups, classes that sound good on paper but don't deliver, kids complaining about their classes, or driving them all over town and be late yet again!

We made Yana to make life easier for your kids AND YOU.

  • Connect with other parents
  • Learn what's a fit for your kids
  • Your kids can go with friends
  • And you can arrange rides with their parents