How do Yana Groups Work?

Yana Groups is a full-featured platform for community building and organizing.

Two Types of Groups

Announcement Groups

  • Designed for larger groups, around announcements.
  • The first post goes out to everyone as an email message.
  • You'll only get email responses if you show interest, to reduce email fatigue.
  • Harder to engage larger groups? Message views lets you know messages are read.
  • Working Groups

  • Designed for smaller groups with in-depth conversations, or infrequent conversations that involves all.
  • Everyone gets an email for all the messages so no one is left out of conversation.
  • Comes with an announcement-only level, so less involved members can still stay informed.
  • Subgroups

  • For larger groups, create subgroups to enable smaller working groups on differen topics/interests.
  • Members can easily pick subgroups of interest to join.
  • View Members & Subgroups

  • From the email footer, you can easily view all the members, and any group questions they've answered.
  • Members can see also see the subgroups, and join those.
  • Create a Group

  • It's easy to create a group, and you can specify a group code for joining.
  • You'll then get an email address to email the group; use -all for emailing the announcement only folks.
  • Sign Up for Groups

  • Users can join with either the group code or a link like<your code>
  • They can then answer group questions you set up or pick subgroups to join.
  • Add Users to a Group

  • If you already know users' contact info, you can also directly add them to a group.
  • Admin Control

  • Admins can add info for group members, move them to announcement-only, or remove members.
  • Admins can also approve announcement messages to the group.

  • Ready to start using Yana Groups? Let us know!