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Kid Valentines

My son told me that some kids in 5th grade are doing valentines this year.  Each boy or girl can pick a valentine.

He asked his best friend back from 2nd grade (they've been in separate classes for the 3rd year straight) to be his valentine.  He said he gave her some pringles and some candies and she was happy.  And she'll get him something too for V-Day.  Another friend of his also asked a girl who's his best friend.  

Very curious, I asked him to tell me more.  How does this pairing up work?  

He said some kids didn't want to play and didn't ask anyone.  He told a friend to ask a girl, who answered no she's not playing. And another girl asked a boy who's not playing either, so she asked someone else, who said yes.

How sweet!  Then I asked my son how many kids in 5th grade are doing this, and he said, "10 kids, about 10%."

I asked him then that means how many kids in 5th grade, and my son realized his mistake.   "Wait, our class has 23 kids and there are two classes."

I'm glad my son once in a while can share with me about his school experience... and that I can even help him out a bit on the math! ;-)

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