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Grocery safety

How's everyone doing?

Last time, I asked about your biggest worries about having kids at home during this time. Here's what you said.

I heartily agree on the difficulty of balancing WFH with having kids.  These days it seems I spend half of my life on Zoom.   First the work calls, then there's checking in on friends and family.  On Saturday morning alone I had three Zoom calls.    What's also funny is at 9am Saturday, I was doing a Zoom call; my son was doing his entrepreneurship class over Zoom, and my daughter was Zooming with classmates. ;-)

I'm also volunteering to work with some Cambridge parents on a crowd-sourced Grocery Shopping Safety site called helptofight.org.  People submit what they observe at stores in terms of masks, gloves and other protective gears, as well as whether the stores offer delivery or curb-side pickup, which are most helpful in reducing contact and disease transmission.  

Midweek a few of us joined an MIT Webinar (yes over Zoom) on how people's behavior changed after lockdown.  Turns out people are socializing less but have actually doubled the amount of time spent in grocery stores... making it the #1 source of person-to-person contacts (meaning being in the same space for extended time).  Worrisome, no?

Being on the CPS Parents mailing list, I got a lot of emails about Covid-19.  It's great to see the community coming together to work on solutions, from grocery shopping to mask making.  There's a Cambridge Mutual Aid Network with 400 volunteers who's willing to donate time to help a neighbor.  So if you know someone who's older, sick, or otherwise need help with grocery delivery, do tell them about the site.

Your Biggest Challenge on Groceries

How are you going about getting your groceries during this time?  What are your biggest concerns?  Write back and let me know so we can make the site more helpful to you. Leave a comment to explain more if you like. Thanks for your help!

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