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Grocery ideas

How's everyone doing?

Last time I checked in, many of us are worried about grocery shopping.   More here: 

Some parents are less worried about grocery store transmission, though more in the minority.  Others said "I've completely changed where I shop to ones which offer delivery or curbside pickup. "  That seems what most people would ideally like.

One mom said "We’ve had groceries delivered for the past three weeks but it has become progressively more difficult to schedule. These days, I’m unable to schedule anything within 2 weeks if at all. "

Finding grocery delivery slots are hard, and some places (like Broadway Marketplace) even stopped delivery offering.  In my household, my husband does the shopping.   He said we haven't gotten even Whole Foods curbside or delivery in 2-3 weeks, plus items he placed in the cart often became unavailable. Amazon Fresh he found to be a bit better. So he has a shopping cart ready on a few different sites to try to find a delivery slot.  Thus far he's managed to find one a week. 

Searching around, I found ethnic grocery stores to be also pretty helpful. This Turkish market for example, has delivery slots on Mercato today and as far as I can tell, everyday.   We like Asian vegetables, and Hmart has a good selection, but can be pretty expensive. I also found shops in Medford that'd deliver produce to us.  More here on the ShopSafely site I've been working on with a few Cambridge parents.

One mom said, "Restaurant food delivery and meal prep boxes are good ways to supplement food supply."  Totally.  We just got delivery for pizza last night. Yum!  We also added restaurants that'd delivery to  ShopSafely as well.

If all of us are having problem with grocery, perhaps there's more we can do to help each other out.  Some ideas below...

What would be most helpful to you on grocery?

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