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Screentime fight

How was your vacation week with the kids?

Our kids were quite happy with no distant learning for a whole week.  That means 2x a day playing their favorite video game with daddy. 

I'm very busy with my job, trying to make connections for many of the MIT startups I work with that are working to fight Covid-19.  And I've also been working on that grocery shopping project ShopSafely.us.  So I wasn't so watchful of what the kids have been up to.

Then one day when I decided to review the kids' screentime (using Rescuetime on their laptop)  I found that my son played 5 hours of videogame and my daughter only slightly better.  

I got pretty upset at my son, but at least I knew he likes videogames.  I asked my daughter, "I thought you didn't even like that other game?  Why did you wasting time playing it?"

"No, that was Brother using my computer." She protested.

Turns out my son played 6.5 hours of video game in one day!  And tried to cover up his tracks by using his sister's computer.  :(

I was upset at the former, while my husband the latter. 

I turned to my son, who put his head in his hands.  I turned to my husband, who's always the problem solver.  He said, "Okay what do you want to do here?"

"I want to talk about this as a family.  What can we do here instead of playing video game everyday?"

The  kids made their new schedule... in paper this  time.  My son listed the math homework he'd do before each hour of videogame, and his entrepreneur class project, while my daughter made a beautiful schedule  with so many  items that I'm not sure if I can follow. ;-)

The next day they each only played 2 hours of videogames with  their dad. Rest of the time they read, built tent, made each other laugh, fought over their stuffed animals, and did check off some items on their schedule.   

And at bedtime, when we usually  talk about what we appreciate in the day, my son said he's happy to find that you can still have fun without too much videogames

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