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Where to Swim

How are you feeling these days?

I wrote below before I heard about the tragedy in Minnesota and the protests.  Like many of you, I'm feeling a lot, and would like to say something, but need more time to process.  So I decided to just wait on that and send out the below.    Sorry it feels rather off-topic right now.  

Also I haven't had time to research summer camps.  Send me ideas if you have them and I'll be happy to collate and share.

* * *

Hope you're enjoying the nice weather. 

Last week I asked about how you feel about going somewhere.   Looks like most people feel not ready.  With only one third thinking it's fine with some proper precaution. 

I've also heard from a few moms that it's their husbands that's being more cautious.  I wonder if it's because they often take on more of the risks with e.g. going to the supermarkets and stores to pick up food?  That's certainly the case at our house.  Can we give a shout-out to the dads?

I also got some questions about parking at Walden Pond.  In our experience, it's been crowded during the weekend and just fine during the week.  One mom pointed out you can always check Twitter for the latest parking closures: https://twitter.com/waldenpondstate.

While we love the clean water of Walden Pond, there are also other places to swim nearby.  A couple of our recent finds:

1. Cochituate State Park, Natick

A straight shot off of the 90s, this place is only 20 minutes or so away.   There's a plenty of parking, and nice lawn for picnic, and woods for a scenic walk.  Note on  hot days it  can get pretty busy at the smaller beach.

2. Shannon Beach on the Mystic Lakes, Winchester

This place is closer but takes a windy scenic drive, so ends up taking about the same time.  There's also a fairly small beach. There, I ran into a former MLK mom seeking a place for her kid to play with water and sand. :)  She noted that not everyone wears a mask. I noticed that's the case at all the lakes & ponds, as many people probably want to swim.  Most people other than a couple of very young kids are pretty good about staying some distance away.

Here, just like at Charles River, we saw a lot of river herrings swimming near the shore.

I got so busy looking at the fish I didn't notice that I stepped on some sharp rocks and cut my foot.

My husband had to take me to urgent care at MIT where I work.  Fortunately the nice doctor sew me up nicely with 3 stitches.  Yeah I felt a bit foolish and embarrassed to have cut myself, and also very thankful to the amazing doctors and my helpful husband.

Go enjoy yourself outdoors and don't make the mistake I did: wear watershoes if you are going to be walking around in the water. :)

3. Beaches

The tricky thing about beaches is that many are open only to members or residents and not accepting folks out of town.  Some like Good Harbor only allows parking from resident or like Nahant closed all the parking.

The only one we've been to is Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, parking is $35 on weekend or you can go at 4pm or so when it'll be free. It's quite beautiful. :)

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