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Enjoy outdoors

If there is any silver lining from the current pandemic, it's that my kids and I have more time now to enjoy nature.  Since we live a few blocks from the river, I tried to take our kids out walking almost everyday.  Sometimes during the week and definitely during the weekend, we try to get out for biking or kayaking.  Of course, I always tell my kid to wear a mask, stay 6ft away from others, and make a beeline on the other side, when passing or getting passed.


Today it'll be almost 70, and this weekend will also be in the 60s.  Hope you'll find time to get out. :)

I've compiled our list of favorite places to go, including

  1. Arnold Arboretum - pretty flowers, south side less busy, good for biking
  2. Spot Pond, Stoneham - great for kayaking (perfect for social distancing!) and bird watching: herons and eagles
  3. Pope John Paul Park, Boston - good for biking, can spot birds and jellyfish
  4. Charles River near Newton - good for kayaking and spotting turtles
  5. Harborwalk near JFK Library - good for biking and a small pebble beach
  6. Millenium Park near West Roxbury/Newton - good for biking and sights of Charles River
  7. Artesani Park - good for kids to run around and explore biking & kayaking too
  8. Franklin Park - the Zoo's closed but the rest of the park is open for biking or walking

More on what we like about on each here: mitmama.tumblr.com.

Of course, I've also talked to some moms who said it's hard to get out much, with the fear of Covid-19.  Or that their kids are scared or just not interested to go outside.  It's quite understandable... there's so much our kids have to adapt to: distant learning with too many worksheets and too many calls, parents at home but busy working all the time, not being able to see or play with their friends.  

Come to think of it, I probably should be happy already if our kids are healthy, and bonus if not too loud while I'm on a work Zoom call. ;-)

Poll: how are you dealing with getting kids out?

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