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How are you enjoying the warm weather these days?

The most popular question I got from last two weeks' posts on enjoying nature was, how do you deal with restrooms at parks being closed? Of course I turned around and asked other moms about this.

Turns out there were a range of answers, from going to the woods to keeping the outings short enough to not need a restroom run.  So there you go! :)

For Memorial Day Weekend, we looked into going somewhere for this week since the weather's so warm.  I mean, you can work from anywhere now right, and we're self-isolating anyway.  We were thinking maybe an Airbnb so we don't have to deal with a hotel with too many others.  We looked into Cape Cod and Gloucester (for the beach), but hesitated once we saw that the weather at either location will be at least 10 degrees colder than Cambridge.  Too bad because then the Airbnbs we liked were taken.  :(

So we ended up staying home in Cambridge for the Memorial Day Weekend and rest of the week.  It actually worked out just fine.  We had a lot of fun enjoying nature and biking, at locations that are a bit further then where we'd typically go.

  • Newburyport Biking - We recommend the Clipper City Rail Trail and Harborwalk for family biking.  A little over 1 mile each, so round trip on both totaling about 4 miles.  Beautiful harbor views and only 1 or 2 crossings.
  • Charles River jogging - Sunday morning I did my usual run, and saw a cormorant catching a fish!  There were fish all along the shores of Charles River, so not surprising.
  • Swans and biking at the Upper Charles Trails, Milford - Another great family bike path with only one crossing.  The northern branch goes by Louisa Lake where we saw swans with their babies, a frog and a crawfish, and lots of palm-sized fish.

  • Back River at Great Esker Park, Weymouth - Less than 40 minutes away, we found this beautiful park.  Apparently it has the tallest esker ridge in North America, who knew! (An esker is a geological formation formed by glacial flow.)  The park wasn't great for biking, as it was too steep.  We found we should've just driven to the Puritan Road entrance to kayak in the back river. There we also saw 5 horseshoe crabs and more beautiful white egrets.
  • Fishing at the Charles River - Tired of seeing the birds catching fish, my son borrowed a net to try his hand.  On Wednesday morning, he managed to catch 7 fish, including a twin catch!  We released them all back into the river.
  • Walden Pond Swimming - Since the weather was so warm, on Tuesday and Thursday after work, we went to Walden Pond to swim.  It's a bit chilly but still manageable. The second time, I tried out the $45 wetsuit I've had for a year, and it worked well to keep me warm so I could swim further into the lake. Can you believe we also saw fish there?  Yellow-ish fish, some with a dark stripe on the side, ranging from 8-9 inches to the biggest at 1.5 feet.   My daughter who also swam with me was delighted.

Who knew there's so much wildlife and beautiful nature to enjoy right around home! :)

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