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School Morning Routine

First, enjoy the warm weather!  I've added a bunch of lakes and beaches ideas in the events section for you. :)

Last week I asked about how you feel about school reopening.  You sentiments echoed mine in feeling positive.

One parent mentioned "Impressed w my kids' teachers. They seem so positive and together, they know what they're doing, happy to be there. I worry about them."  Aww... 

Yes, I feel very grateful the teachers are working so hard to engage the kids and make this remote learning work.  And I worry about their safety and wellbeing too.  They are at higher risk than the younger kids.  I'm really glad Cambridge arranged for testing for the teachers regularly. 

Due to the start of the school, our morning routine's a bit squeezed.  Now we have to get our walk in at 7:30am and be back by 8am for my daughter's class.  A couple of days I woke up late and came down at 7:15, and found the kids reading away.  

"Okay sorry I woke up late, but it's breakfast time, we won't have much time to go for our morning walk."

Clearly that wasn't sufficiently motivating to my kids: neither moved.  I had to call a few times before they finally got to breakfast table and started eating their cereal or bagel.  

It took more nudging to get them out of the house.  Our routine these days is to walk to a nearby park and I'd do some yoga or exercise while the kids entertain themselves with leaves or trees or animals, or try some exercise of their own.

I believe in getting kids out of house and moving and also getting some exposure to nature.  I told the kids it's a needed antidote for all the time they spend in front of the screen. 

"Okay... mom."  They are not thrilled about it but they do find ways to enjoy themselves on the walk.  My son would chase after birds, or my daughter will skip or hop or find some plant to show me. They'll tell me about the videogame they play with daddy the night before, funny thing that their friend said or did, or what they look forward to on the weekend.

And we need to hurry back to be on time for class, which gives us an excuse to run a bit.

What's your new morning routine like?  Or share your Covid antidotes!

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