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First Week of School

How's the first week of school?  Last time I asked about how you feel about school reopening and looks like it's a bit of mix with half the people feeling ready and the other half having some concerns.

It was great to interact with many of you as we all figure out back to school.  What I've liked so far

1) Nice welcome from PAUS our middle school

On Monday, the 7th grade immersion kids asked their parents to get in touch with the 6th grade immersion kids to tell them a bit about what to expect from PAUS.  My son was happy to see his classmates on Zoom, and hear from 7th graders, many of whom he remembers from MLK, about PAUS.  He asked frank questions about e.g. bullying (answer: no, not really), and video game class (no, not really).

Then we got a call from his advisory (homeroom) and English teacher, Ms. Rivers, asking to learn a bit about our son, and asked us for our hopes and dreams for 6th grade. I don't know about you, but I've never had a call before from a teacher!  What a pleasant surprise. :)  We told her while my son has been practicing math on Prodigy, writing has been neglected since school's over, and I had some concerns on the social and emotional side given midddle school is a big step. She assured me they will be doing a lot of writing this year and that the school has a big emphasis on social-emotional learning.

She even asked if we'd like a weekly or biweekly update on my son via email or phone.  I selected email to save her some work, but she assured me she'd be happy to do a call any time at my request. I wondered out loud how she can find time to call everyone.  She said has about 15 kids in her charge.  (Now 89 kids in 6th grade total.)

We got the 6th grade schedule from Mr. Cutler, the 6th grade math teacher who's the head teacher for the grade.  I had trouble logging into Aspen so he gave me some help on that.  And on Friday my son met all the 6th grade teachers in a 6th grade townhall.  Apparently next week they'll have an all-school town hall. Overall, the school seems to be doing a great job getting kids ready for middle school. 

Oh, I also got emails from PAFA the PAUS parent group, equivalent of MLK Friends.  Nina the outgoing president gave some info on school schedule and asked for volunteers for this year.  I might sign up. :)

2) Remote learning started just fine

Yes, my daughter made her calls just fine! As I believe the rest of her class.  What a change from the spring. :)  They were told to turn on their videos so the teacher can gauge their interest and get quick response.  (Man, I wish we have that for work calls. ;-)

This week is half day. Next week with full-day learning, possibly 8 hours of calls, might be more of a challenge.

My daughter is already asking for more breaks. Currently she gets a 20min break for a 4 hour call.  My son agrees.

3) DHSP outdoors afterschool

Everyone's heard about the DHSP outdoor afterschool right?  We went to the one at Hoyt Field and my daughter really enjoyed seeing her friends and playing together.  My son wished where were more older kids.  

How was your experience so far with school reopening?

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