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Fall School Plan

How's everyone feeling with the Cambridge School Fall Plan just released this Tuesday and to be approved tonight by the school committee?  You can watch the last of the mtg starting at 5pm here: https://www.cpsd.us/cms/One.aspx?portalId=3042869&pageId=3429463

In case you haven't seen the email, it calls for

They made this decision because kids 10 and above have higher risk of getting sick and passing it on. 

My older one going to middle school did fine handling handling remote learning, so he's all good.

My daughter who just finished 2nd grade could barely make half the calls, even with me or my husband helping.   So she's gonna be unfortunately among the 2-3rd graders who may not get an in person spot.  What happens if more people want spots than can be offered?  I heard from some parents that it'll be a lottery.  

Let's all agree no plan will make everyone happy.  I heard from some that the lottery uncertainty is worrisome. While others say the current plan with either remote or in-person learning makes childcare easier to plan, and is more equitable.  Where do you stand on this?  

New poll: what do you think about the school's plan?  

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