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Birth Story

During Covid, we didn't eat out as much as we used to.

My husband has done most of the cooking, and we enjoy eating the yummy lunches and dinners that he makes for us.  (Me? I'm good for heating up leftovers and washing the dishes, and I've picked up a few cooking tricks here and there. :)  My husband is an inventive cook, and he knows how to make things taste good.  I've told my kids "You're so lucky you are stuck with daddy during Covid!  If it's just mommy, you'd eat nothing but eggs all day." Eggs being the one thing I know how to make.

While we were finishing up a weekend lunch recently, my husband said to our son, "Son, I wanna tell you something."

"When people found out your mom got pregnant with you, a lot of people right after congratulating us, started telling me how a lot of times the father would faint during child birth.  Even the doctor said, be careful, don't fall and hit your head."

"I thought yeah yeah, maybe that's the other dads, not me." Yeah, my husband acts tough like that. 

"When it's time, you took a long time to come out." O yeah, I remember it was hours, and the epidural was wearing off and I had to get another one.  It was tiring.  The doctor said something about the angle's not aligned and that a forcep would help. 

Have you seen a forcep?  It looks scary!  And using that scary thing on my baby's head?  No! 

Finally, after another futile half hour of pushing, I felt exhausted and gave in.  Back to my husband's story.

"So after all this waiting and hoping, when I saw your finally coming out slowly, I just felt lightheaded. "

"When people faint, they see black color closing in until it's all black, that's why they call it blacking out.  This time I could see the black closing in from the sides, and I had to fight to push it back out.  I thought to myself, wow what people told me is real!"

"And you looked funny, you had a conehead.  Looked like an alien."  He had to explain what's a conehead and how come my son's head is shaped that way.  The kids thought it's very funny and started laughing.

"And you had hair on the side of your face and shoulders. Really funny looking.  I said what's this alien with hair!  " My kids were laughing louder and getting hysterical. My daughter almost fell from her chair.  I started laughing too.

"Yeah I was just thinking about this today, how you were born.  And I want to tell you daddy loves you."    

My son wiped a tear off, maybe laughing too hard, then started tearing up more and crying. 

We all asked if he's okay.  One of us handed him tissues.

It took a few for my son to calm down, wiped away tears, blew his nose.

Then he said, "Yeah I'm okay.  The story, It's just very... inspiring."  

Aww... my daughter, me, and even my husband teared up a bit too, and gave each other a big group hug. 

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