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School Community and growth

Over the past week, I've had a lot of opportunities to connect with other parents. 

I signed up to be the secretary for the parent group for my son's new middle school PAUS. It's great to see so many parents (and familiar faces) on the Zoom call, and know that they too want to have a stronger parent community.  One of the first items on our list is to have a PAUS Meetup (not playdate, too uncool for midddle schoolers I learned).  The first time 2 weeks ago, we had a dozen kids showing up. This week being last minute, I saw fewer, but did end up talking to their parents and catch up on the spring & summer that flew by.   And what a crazy spring and summer! We laughed about kids' adventures and mishaps and shook heads over how we've all been living in front of a screen.  Now it'll be a regular event, every Tuesday and Thursday at Hoyt Field, so tell your middle schoolers. :)

Working with another parent, we're doing a joint birthday party outdoors (with masks) for my daughter and her classmate/friend.  We agonized about how to best social distance and keep everyone safe, while encouraging the kids to have a fun time.   

Unfortunately I missed my daughter's back-to-school open house (though I heard the video's online somewhere).  We are excited about starting real school.

"Mom, you need to fill out my lunch orders, right now." I got an urgent Hangout message from my daughter.  Still jogging back with my son on our morning outing, I thumb-typed, "Can you fill it out?"  

"Will I have home lunch? No right?" she asked. 

"Up to you."

By the time I got back, I found out she's submitted the form herself and picked school lunch even some she's not too found of.  Better job than I could've done, hehe.  I would've probably caved in and made her lunch for the days with less appealing options.

I took mental notes to let me kids do more, middle schooler or third grader both!

Start of in-person school is Tuesday for our town.  Let's exchange notes then. :)

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