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Too much news

How are you doing during this crazy time?

The news seems to be coming faster than our ability to absorb:

    We won the Georgia races and turn the Senate! There's a mob at the Capitol and they've breached the defense and broke inside! It turned out even worse than it looked, people died and there was a pipe bomb. Trump is impeached, again!  There may not be 2/3 Senate votes to actually convict him. National guards are sleeping in the Capitol to ensure security.  (What happened to our democracy that we'd need national guards sleeping in the Capitol?)

The news has left me feeling in turn jubilant, disbelieving, horrified, sad, angry, disappointed, relieved, questioning, grieving, and exhausted.  We watched some of the coverage with the kids and tried our best to explain what's going on.  My 6th graders said he had a lot of discussions in class.  Thank goodness... I'm not sure I can explain to my own satisfaction.

I really hope for peace and health during Biden's inauguration.   And sincerely hope that this time is the darkness before the sunrise as we put what has felt like a long nightmare behind us.    Same applies to Covid-19.  We've had too much going on.

Wishing you peace and good health too this year... and less being glued to the TV or screen for news.   

P.S. below are some MLK Day Events.  Sorry it sent out later than I'd like.

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