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Trying times

Last week, I asked you about how you're doing on self care during Covid.  

Seems that some of us are too busy for self care.  One mom said it's due to working too much.  Another talked about losing insurance and that Mass Connect doesn't cover dental, so she and her husband decided to forgo dental care, but not for her daughter.

I'm sad to hear...  Covid has hit much of America hard, and Cambridge isn't exempt.  As parents (and perhaps moms especially) we often already put kids and work first. Together it's a terrible combo. 

Perhaps you heard about the CEA the teacher union's vote of no confidence in our schools and administration over opening schools.  And we all got the email about superintendent resigning end of this year.   I haven't been keeping up with the school committee marathon meetings, but I imagine teachers and administrators are also under a lot of pressure.  Emotions were running high.  Perhaps they also have had little time for self care.

That makes me sad too.  I emailed my daughter's teacher to thank her and  to let me know if there's any way I can better support the teachers.  I asked our principal too about him and the teachers.   He said that our teachers are doing relatively well.  

Meanwhile the vaccines are just around the corner.  We probably all know friends and family that have taken it.   (Yes yes,  would be better if vaccines are distributed faster, if it can be made to work for that South African variant too.)  

These are very challenging times, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hope you and your family are doing well.   For myself, I'm focused on just a bit more patience, self care, and kindness for others.  

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