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Close Call
2 days ago

First of all, some Cambridge moms got together to organize a virtual Lantern Fest tonight at 7:30 pm!  

How was your February break?

We enjoyed the time in our new NH place, which we bought for skiing and nature.  We also found it's fantastic in winter, for the snow and ice.   

My husband got back early for work.  I was driving the kids back home after the break around 8pm, when I noticed a rumbling sound on the right side.  The noise got louder over the next half hour, sounding more like vibration.  

I called my husband from a rest area, and he said to check the wheels for ice.  I showed him on our video call and he didn't see any either.  He guessed it's just a nail in the tire and said just drive home.

We drove for another 10 minutes when the sound kept getting louder and louder.  "This is not right, I need to get to an exit, " I thought to myself.  

We called my husband, but he couldn't hear the sound.  I tried driving to the exit but the now the car's shaking even when I slowed down to just 30 mph.  Each turn of the wheel sounded painful.  

No, it's just not safe to drive.  I turned on the blinker and pulled over to the side of Hwy 93.  My husband said it would take a long time for the roadside service to get to me.  He wanted me to get out and check the wheels.  No, I don't feel safe, I told him.  Cars were driving fast pass us.  He asked me where I was, and I couldn't figure out in real time how to share my location. :(

What do do?  I decided to call 911.  

If you haven't done it before, it's very efficient: the dispatcher told me which mile marker I was and my phone number, correctly.  I told her urgently, "Big trucks are driving by and I have two kids in the car.  I don't feel safe."  She patched in state highway police who told me they are coming.

"I'm scared, mom." My son told me, quietly.

"I'm scared, too." I told him honestly. And his fear helped me gather my strength. "But the police is coming soon, they will help us."

"Breathe slowly with me and we'll feel better." I breathed deeply, in and out.  And my son joined, and added "Sister's sleeping."

"She fell asleep already?" I felt happy and relieved she missed this moment. "That's great."

The policeman came and was super nice.  He suggested we could get a local tow truck which might be faster.  Unfortunately we still live 45mins away.  He suggested we could drive down to the exit with him behind us, as slow as I like. I told him I didn't feel safe to drive.

He said he could watch while I drive a bit closer to the mile marker and see if there's anything obviously wrong.  After just two-three turns of the wheels,  the police told me that the rear right wheel is wobbling.  I felt scared to hear that, but relieved given that we didn't have to drive anymore.

He said the roadside service my husband called cannot take three of us home.  He suggested taking us to some place off the highway so we could wait safely for my husband to come.

We woke up my daughter, and all three of us got in his cruiser.  

The police drove around looking for first a Burger King and then a McDonald.  "I'll ask them if they can take you so you don't have to wait out in the cold."  

All I could say is "Thank you!"

We said bye to the nice policeman, when the nice lady at the McDonalds took us in and let us wait inside, while they serve people only thru drive-thrus.  

"You need anything?"  She asked us.  We shook our head, still a bit dazed.

We sat and waited. My daughter said she left her favorite pillow buddy in the car, and my son his favorite sword.

"Sorry you don't have it. The important thing is the three of us are safe, You, Brother, and Mommy."  My kids nodded.  They understood.

"We're so lucky to have the policeman help us, and the nice lady here at McDonalds, and soon Daddy will get us."  I told them.  "Yes! so lucky" My kids agreed.

It didn't take long for my husband to show up.  All of us were overjoyed to see him.  We said bye to the McDonalds lady and three of us all fell asleep in the ride home.

The next day we found out from the service center that 4 of 5 nuts that held the rear right wheel to the car fell out.  Only a single nut was holding the wheel in. 

I felt so lucky that I stopped in time, and got such great help from the kind hearted police and McDonalds lady, and my husband too.

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