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Catching Zzzs

Hope your new year is off to a good start.    I'll write up our family resolutions next time. :)

Part 2 of our holiday vacation story... as you recall, the kids did well on the flight down, and soon started to enjoy the vacation.

My son even told me, "Sorry I said I didn't want to come.  It's nice here."  Big praise coming from him! ;-)

Our next challenge, getting enough sleep.

The Airbnb we stayed at had thin walls and ceiling, and we could hear the upstairs people walking and talking.

First at 9pm, which was a bit annoying while I tried to get the kids to sleep.  Then at 3am, again a few people talking and walking with shoes on, waking me up.

"Don't they know it's the middle of the night!"  I thought to my self, annoyed.  I stayed awake for 2 hours after, hoping very much it's a one-time thing.

It was not.  The next night it was only one person, but the footsteps and a chair moving at 1am in the morning was still loud enough to wake me up.

Then my daughter told me about the nighttime noise that woke her up.  And my son started getting more irritable, which I suspected could also be due to lack of sleep.

That's it, I had to do something.  Call it the mother bear instinct. ;-)

I told my husband about the issue when he joined us after his biz trip, hoping he'd go talk to upstairs.  He suggested instead that maybe I could write a note. Fine! :)

I explained in my note the thin walls and ceiling, and that my kids sleep 9pm-6am, and asked for lighter footsteps during that time.

My daughter saw my note, read it, then added a heart with Thank You inside, and flowers and stars.

"Wow, good idea!" I appreciated her help to soften the tone.  I added a few smiley faces, and slipped the note under the upstairs door.

The rest three nights of our trip went by without much sound.  Success!

My husband said maybe the upstairs neighbor left?  Or new quieter Airbnb renters?

I'd like to think it's the note my daughter helped me made. :)

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