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Family Resolutions

Does your family make new year's resolutions?  This year I got all of us to make New Year's resolutions.

It took me quite a while to think thru what I really wanted.  First I made a list of what I appreciated in the past year.  There were a lot of surprises:

  • My new job which I'm enjoying. I'm now a professional matchmaker for MIT startups and Global 1000 companies.  
  • I got more involved with my community: helped organized a parent summit and co-ran a newsletter for Cambridge.
  • My 10 year old's more of his own little person - he's more outspoken about what he likes and dislikes, and is pretty comfortable negotiating with me.  Not to mention he's beaten me on a bunch of board games, :)  We also have a good weekend routine of jogging and playing tennis together.
  • Learning to relax more on vacations, which made my husband happy. :)
  • I told my husband and the kids we could all make some resolutions to help us better focus.  What would make us feel we've had a great year at Dec 31, 2019?

    First I went. For the new year, which I call my Year of Intention, I plan to work on making more impact at work, being more emotionally aware with my husband and my kids, and overall be more intentional about what I want to focus on.  Having the headspace from relaxing and meditation to think about what I'd want is important, as is trying new things, as many of what I appreciated in the past year I didn't know about at the start.

    My 10 year old who has apparently been paying attention, immediately said he wants to work on not sulking. We're off to a great start in goal making!  I mentioned to him it's great he learned to type in December and we've started teaching him Python.  Perhaps by year end he could write some real code?  He agreed.

    Not to be outdone, my seven-year old said next that her goal is to not be passive aggressive.  Yes, apparently she's also been paying attention to my words. ;-)   I'll explain more about that in a future post.  She's got a big heart, a lot of enthusiasm, but also often start projects and never finish, leaving a mess all around the house.  We talked about finishing one project and clean up, before starting another.  She agreed easily; we'll see what reminders and help she'll need. ;-)

    My husband said he want to make impactful medicine, and explain to kids why rather than just telling them what to do. 

    I'll keep you updated on how our new year's resolutions go...  Did you make new year's resolutions?  Do share! :)

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