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MLK & Community

How was your MLK Weekend?

We had a fun one and tried not just one but three events from the Yana Calendar.  And I'd recommend all to you. :)

We started the weekend with Cambridge Community Center's Monthly Dinner.  The center is just steps away from MLK School, and host an afterschool, a computer lab, the Winter Farmers Market, and I just heard even an Italian language class! :)   

Every Third Friday of the month, it hosts a free community dinner for the neighborhood.  I've been there 4-5 times now, and very much enjoy it.  The first couple of times, we were the only non-African American family there, and I ended up meeting my next door neighbor for the first time, having moved 5 years ago.   Yvonne and I chatted about the giant Ayanna Pressley sign in her yard and her tenant who I did know. Other times I've met 80-90 year olds who told me about how back in the days our school had a barn nearby, with horses!  And how Central Square used to have a movie theater where you can watch a movie for 12 cents.  Sam Gebru who's one of the organizers and former City Council candidate encouraged me to bring more families to the dinner, to better connect the community.

The last two times I went with another family from my school.  This time I posted on Yana and told more folks, and we ended up having 5 MLK families showing up, and we all had a fun time.  The simple baked pasta was delicious. The kids ate and talked with their friends and played basketball happily, leaving the adults to talk, perfect! :)  Do join us next month on Feb 15 if you're interested. :)

One mom from a different school, who I met previously, heard that some of us are thinking of going to see Peter Pan at PAUS, our upper school.  

"They are still doing that play?  I went to MLK when I was growing up, and we did Peter Pan back then. I was one of the lost boys!"

One of the MLK moms mentioned she went the previous night and enjoyed it. We were both debating whether to go, having had a long week, but agreed we should just go.  Then another mom and her daughter, having just found out about the show, joined us too.  

And sure enough it was a fun and energetic performance.  The three of us moms who sat together were all glad we went.  The kids really got into their parts, the singing was quite nice, especially by the lead who was from MLK.  The audience, many family members and friends, eagerly laughed and applauded.   You can catch some of the pics and vids here.

My seven-year-old who sat with her friends told me afterwards she was a bit scared by Captain Hook but enjoyed chatting with her friend.  I remember the PAUS production of Emperor's New Clothes, which was also a lot of fun.   Don't miss their next show!

We also went to the free day at MFA, which I'll tell you about another time. 

Meanwhile, I'll encourage you to check out tonight's Community Conversation on Diversity.  There will probably be plenty of other MLK and PAUS families there, and you'll probably enjoy being part of the parent community, just like we did attending the show. :)

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