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Fine Arts with Kids

Hope you're staying warm.  Though nowhere as bad as in the Midwest, we nevertheless got hit with a touch of the polar vortex.   It's not the first time it's been very cold this winter.

Even MLK Day last Monday was 1 degree, maybe 4 by 11am. The kids would happily just relax at home. 

I encouraged them to get outside and check out the Free MLK Day at MFA.  My kids said for museums, they prefer the science museum.  

I asked them how much we'd save going to a free day at MFA.  Both of my kids were able to do the math on the tickets, but they remained unconvinced.

My 10 year-old complained that kids should have a vote too and would like to stay home. I explained at our house, adults get 1 vote each, and kids get half a vote.  We also explained we can't leave him at home but he can bring a book to read if bored.  He stormed to his room. 

I was expecting worse, but my son came down in just 10 minutes!

I commended him on living up to his new year's resolution of not sulking, and off we went.  (Applying one of the key lessons I learned from my parenting bible about giving them a fine reputation to live up to. ;-) Once we got outside and the kids started jumping on the snow, things went just fine. 

My husband cleverly suggested that we start with the Ancient World with Egyptian art, and with a few questions like "How long ago is 2500 B.C.?" and "Do you think the statue is a man or a woman, and why?", my son's soon busy looking at and reading everything.  And he enjoyed even more the Greek art featuring the Greek gods he's been reading about.

Given a couple of choices, my daughter said she'd like to see Asian art so we did.  She enjoyed trying to read Chinese characters on stone tablets 1500 years old.  She also remembered that she's been to MFA with her summer camp, and pointed out things she remembered from her earlier trip. 

We ended with Ansel Adams in Our Times, the new exhibit, which my husband and I really enjoyed, full of creative new takes on landscape art.  By then my kids were pretty hungry so we didn't stay long. 

Yes, with a little creativity, we can make a 2-hour visit to the Art Museum work with the kids! ;-D

Hope you have a fun weekend coming up!  My husband and son will be glued to the TV for the Superbowl with Pats.  We'll also celebrate the Lunar New Year with my inlaws.  

Speaking of being Asian, when the movie Crazy Rich Asians came out, I told my son we need to go to the movie theater to see it, cuz it's like the Asian Black Panther!  He said, "I'd rather see the real Black Panther. "  So this weekend we just might take him to see it on the big screen, free! ;-)

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