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Football New Year

First of all, save the dates for next Thursday's MLK moms' book talks!  Did you know that the Atlantic has a piece praising Danielle Allen's Commencement Speech?  And that Tien-Yi's book was one of the for GoodReads top 10 books of the year?  We have some talented moms at our school. :) 

Well, looks like I should've saved my MFA blog post last week for this weekend, as Saturday will be a free day at the MFA to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  Or you could check it out now. :)

This has been a busy week of celebrations.

We celebrated the Lunar New Year last weekend with my inlaws, then the amazing Superbowl victory Sunday night. 

My husband's side of the family, at least the men, are very much into football.  So even over the Lunar New Year celebration, they talked, dressed, watched, and even played some football. :)

My 10 year old got to stay up this year to watch Patriots' Super Bowl win in its entirety, the culmination of his first season watching every Pats game. He and his dad really bonded this season over football.  They often have conversation about which player is better than whom or the finer points of the game that are completely over my and my daughter's heads.  

My husband has waited a long, long time for this.  He played tag football (okay on the Asian American team ;-); he considers the best gift I ever got him to be  a Patriots jersey; he plays on two fantasy football leagues, and is the commissioner of one of them. :)  During the season, most of his Sundays are spent on football.  He's been asking them which fantasy foot ball player to pick since they were toddlers: "Doesn't matter, just tell me who you like more. "

My son's always been good at mastering a body of knowledge, starting with the alphabets to animals, chemical elements to more recently the Greek Heroes.  He'd give his sister and us parents quizzes that we fail at, miserably. ;-)

So football is now the newest body of knowledge he's mastered.  My brother-in-law tried to ask him a few questions about who plays what position on such-a-such team, and was impressed my son often knows more than his dad. 

What about the rest of the family?

Well, my 7 year old would try to watch a bit but she gets bored pretty quickly.  So we end up reading together or she draws or does her crafts.

As for me, I missed most of the Super Bowl.  Watching the game that I know is so important to the rest of my family is just too nerve-wracking for me!  Asking around, apparently I'm not the only one. :)

How about you? what are some family traditions that you share?

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