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Family Painting

Hope you had a good break last week.  Talking to other parents, I heard just as much about vacations as getting sick, sometimes both together. :(

Did I tell you how my biologist husband can at times be the handyman?  One time he built a carport with the help of his dad, pouring concrete and all! I know, very manly! ;-)

Last weekend, after first asking our cleaning lady's handy husband to paint the entry way to our condo, he somehow decided to start the paint job himself.   He got all the tools from Home Depot and started painting.

I tried to continue working on my laptop, maybe reading some blogs. But eventually I realized as a kinder, more supportive wife (thanks to our couple's retreat) I should help my husband out.

I went over to him to admire the painting he's started, and asked, "How can I help?"half hoping he'd say no need.

My husband was clearly glad I asked.  He thought about it, and asked me to lay out the blue Painter's tape.

"Uh, okay..."  I'm no handy-woman, and this sounded like the type of manual, detail-oriented tasks that I suck at.  But I knew what I should do.

Following my husband's instruction, I got the ladder from right by the carport, climbed up, and started laying out the blue Painter's Tape.  

In my head I was thinking, "Is this really necessary?  Aren't we taking away a job from the nice man who'd do a better job than me? Maybe we could've let him better support his family?"  Still, my hands were busy at work, laying out the tape and correcting slanted lines.

"Wow, mommy's pretty good at laying down the tape."  My husband came by to inspect, and seemed pleasantly surprised.  I felt a bit of pride.

"Let me see, let me see!" My daughter got interested.  My husband then got her started painting.  

"Can I paint too?" My 10 year old came by next.   Yep, my husband put us all to work. :)

This was not exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday, but it is nice in its own way.  Admiring the fine job we've done together, we felt like a happy family.   

And I felt closer to and more appreciative of my handy husband. :)

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