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Winter Mall Trip

What do you do with cold and dreary and rainy New England weekends?

Since we couldn't agree on a museum we all liked, and my husband said no to the gym, I suggested we do a trip to the mall"Let's get some exercise at least!" 

My husband said, "But I don't like to stay there too long."  I promised one hour, that's it.

My son protested, "But I'd rather stay home!"   Before my husband could cut a deal, I told my son since he's 10 now, he can now stay home by himself for a short while.  We went over what to do in emergencies, and my son felt he's ready.  

Off to the mall the rest of us went.

I soon start looking for home goods I've been meaning to buy.  Soft pillows, finally!  Next, a winter blanket for the kids.

My daughter soon picked out a blanket with a cute sushi design she wouldn't let go of.  (She loves sushi. :)

"What about the one with unicorns?"  "No!"

"What about the one with rainbows and flowers?"  "No!"

Well, I guess the sushi blanket it is. ;-)

"O wait, there's Claire's. My friend said they have Pusheen cats."  My daughter soon spotted a store.

Apparently her friend knows what's going on.  My daughter was overjoyed to find the store indeed carries a good selection of her favorite stuffed animals (ever since her cousin got her one).

"O my god, it's my dream coming true, Pusheen cats and squishy together!!"  She squealed while squeezing a Pusheen squishy.

"Mom, can I have one when it's my birthday? Pppplease?"  

I was surprised she could wait that long, another 8 months to go!  "Well you could use your own money if you want."

"No, no, I'm gonna save my money for college."  My daughter's been saving her Chinese New Year lucky money from the family every year, now over $100.

"Yes, good idea to save your money."  I smiled.

When we got home, my son rushes down to meet us at the door.  Wow, that never happens.

"Where were you?  I've been waiting for so long!" My son said, obviously relieved to see us.  "It was so boring staying at home by myself.  Next time never leave me at home without at least sis to talk to."

I guess next time we can all make a mall trip work. :)

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