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Solo Parenting

How do you handle solo-parenting, e.g. when your partner's away? 

My husband has 3 work trips between late March and early June.  Busy time for him and us!  Yeah... this is might be a short blog, as I'm still recovering from solo-parenting for almost a week. :) . 

We didn't have much planned for the weekend, and with my husband away, we were all up by 7 as we are early risers.  I told the kids maybe we can clean up the house.  We made a tiny bit of progress, but the weather was so nice that we all decided we'd like to do have some fun outside.

You know it's spring when the tennis courts start getting occupied.  :)  My son and I ended up playing tennis 3x in 2 days, while my daughter patiently waited for us until she literally lay down on the ground.  On the plus side, we ran into a friend of my daughter and her family, and chatted.  Spring and good weather makes it easy to be social.

We had already one playdate arranged for my 7 year old daughter, while the 10 year old son stayed home solo, so I can go for a run with a neighboring mom.  

Not to be outdone, my son actively lobbied for playdates.  I told him might be too last-minute. 

My son persisted"How about so-and-so? I see, they're busy.  And so-and-so didn't respond?  Okay.  Oh, how about so-and-so?  What, you still haven't texted them?" 

Geez, my son, usually off-in-his-own-world reading or playing with LEGOs, turned into a task master.  ;-)

Well, his persistence paid off.  We ended up having a nice time and a yummy dinner at a friend's house, who was already hosting another friend of my son's.  Double-the-fun!

Sunday, we decided to check out the Archeology Fair at Harvard Peabody Museum, and ended up running into another friend of my daughters. Her mom found out about the event through Yana!  The girls had a very fun time together.  

My son, who initially didn't want to go, ended up engrossed in learning.

Yay to friend and activities. :) I didn't feel too bad about the lack of success with decluttering.

And after the kids went to bed, I just vegged out and surfed.  Honestly, it was a fun but tiring weekend. ;)

P.S. Good news, the poll's back! 

New Poll: How Do You Feel about Solo-Parenting

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