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Fun with Cousins

If you wondered what happened to our newsletter last week, well, I goofed due to my travels. :)  I took my kids to California for a few days to see their cousins while my husband is away on another business trip. 

"I see, remote reinforcement, eh?"  One mom at the school mentioned.  She's got a good point. ;-) 

Well, my kids do enjoy seeing their cousins, who are a year older and 6 months younger than my older one.  One year we took my kids to Disneyland for the first time, which they loved, then up to the Bay Area see their cousins.  When asked about the favorite part of the trip, my son, then only 6, said, "I'll never like places more than people."

Yep, and he hasn't changed.  Now 10, he asked for us to go see the cousins, "because we haven't seen them for a long, long time."  A year to be exact.  So off we went.   

They liked the airport food just fine...  "Mmm... mac and cheese!" They raided the snacks section with glee.  "I need another Popcorners."  They watched, read, drew, and had fun saying silly things to each other. ;-)

We arrived at Cali at 10pm their time but both kids were way too excited to sleep. Instead they stayed up talking with their cousins.  And the next morning, more silliness and sharing of favorite songs with each other.  Then the boys played with Nerf guns and the girls played with stuffed animals.

Their cousins still had to go to school so I played tennis with my kids during school hours, and talked with my mom who lives with my brother.  Instead of planning a full schedule of activities, I just took it easy and finished some errands for my mom.   It was just a nice time with family.

"I'm bored." My son said after a while.  "Great, what are you going to do about it?"  I asked him. 

He mostly solved his own problem, with Lego and Nerf guns and books, and talking to his sister sometimes. And soon the cousins came back from school and it was time for more silliness and some yummy Californian Asian food. 

Their cousins have more classes, including kungfu, Chinese school, and coding; so we checked out some of those.  

On the weekend we went to a family birthday party and then to the zoo.  Both were a lot of fun, and the kids came back happy but exhausted, and played some video games together.

Sunday night I told the kids the next evening we're leaving for home.  "What, leaving already?  But we just got here."  My kids said, clearly bummed. 

"Maybe we can walk your cousins to their school tomorrow AM?"  I tried to distract.  We did that, then packed, and when the cousins came home, I suggested we could play tennis together, which was new to the cousins.  

My son enjoyed teaching his older cousin, who was quite athletic and did very well applying his baseball hitting skills to tennis.  "He didn't like Tennis before but maybe now he will."  My brother said, watching the two playing and clearly having a blast.

As we were getting ready to leave, the older cousin said, "I like having the cousins here... It's fun."

I think we were all feeling that as we packed up to go.  Aww... next time!

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