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Chinese Summer Camp & Biking

Sorry for the delay but we finally have details for the Chinese Summer School worked out.  You can now sign up at


As in the last 3 summers, the summer school is for kids 5.5 to 10, with fun activities in Chinese language and culture during last two weeks of summer.  The location is at the same St. Peters church, right in Central Square, covering 8:30 to 5:30/6pm.   Your kids don't need to know Chinese to attend, or go to MLK or live in Cambridge.  

Teresa will be once again leading the camp.  The exciting news this year is that we have Lanyu Laoshi from the MLK Community School with us!  Everyone loves her, and she'll help us figure out some fun outdoor activities. :)

I'm sorry it's taken so long to figure out the details.  Guess with my not-so-new job it's just hard to squeeze everything in. :)  Please ping me if you have questions.

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Last weekend was the Family Biking Day organized by MLK mom Robin and the city.  

My daughter and I were looking forward to the trip but it was our first outing for biking this year.  We found our bikes had no air; we couldn't find the bike pump; my son's bike got stolen from our driveway last fall; and we couldn't find his helmet either.  On top of that, my husband was getting upset with me for not helping him find the bike pump.  Uh!

I was determined that we go: we found a hand pump, I remember they had extra bikes at the event we could borrow, and my son wore his skiing helmet.  My husband was still upset with me when we rushed to the biking event with just half hour left.

But once we saw our friends, all was forgiven. ;-)  It was great to see so many friends out on a gorgeous day!   My daughter happily biked with Robin's daughter.

So many friends were out!  We ran into a number we haven't seen in a while.  And everyone had a smile on their face. :) Even my husband enjoyed showing his cool folding bike to friends.  

Hurray to community events like these that bring friends together!  A big thanks to Robin and the city. :)

Last but not least, if your kid needs some help learning to bike, check out my daughter's experience with the amazing Biking School in Somerville ( scroll past the pictures of robot zoo.)

Enjoy the long weekend and maybe I'll see you biking Sunday on the closed Memorial Drive!

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