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Waiting for Mom

Hope you had a good long weekend. 

Our weekend project is family cleaning.  My son's room, like those of his peers no doubt, is full of LEGOs to the point that we're all afraid to walk in for fear of stepping on one and going "ouch"!  We've helped him clean before and he'd really like some help from the rest of the family.  

While cleaning, I came across his childhood drawing from back when he was little that made me sad. 

In case all the sharp teeth make it hard to read, the note says: Every Day Note: MAMA, can you come out please! 

We've told our son to stay in his room until 6am so he can get more sleep, then when he wakes up, to quietly play or read without waking us up.  It's something that he's always done very well and we've been very proud of him for.

His note though, presented a different side. There's the boxy-head figure representing himself, with tears and saying in Chinese character & Pinyin :"I'm Hungry. When will you come?"  Even the little sharks that he loved to draw as a kid, one of them had tears. 

I can imagine his little self waiting patiently and hungrily for mommy to wake up.  :( 

My poor little boy... I can feel myself tearing up.

I never got this note back then, and can only remember one or two occasions when my son said he was hungry and waited a long time for me.  Still, it's hard to avoid the regret.

Uh, you try so hard to be a good parent, and you still mess up. :(  Or may be I should say, we try our best but we could still unintentionally cause hurt. 

"You know you can always wake us up if you need to." I told my son.  Trying to "fix" things, belatedly.  Then I realized maybe that's not the full story.  "You were hungry and waiting.  That must be hard.  Mommy's didn't mean for that to happen."  

"Yeah, sometime I had to wait."  My son said, and was quiet for a bit.   "Hey, my room's so clean now!" He moved on. 

"Yeah, now Brother has the cleanest room in the house!" His cheery sister added. "Even cleaner than mine! We have to do mine and downstairs next."

"Yeah, very nice, we worked as a team to clean it up.  Good job, both of you!"  I hugged both of my kids.

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