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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

In our family, my husband is the fun parent.  I take care of making sure kids have lunch for field trips (often these days), or taking the kids to the doctor, or signing them up for summer camps.  But when it comes to fun, whether playing video games with the kids or throwing a football around, that's my husband.

The other day the kids wanted to call their dad who's away on a business trip.  "It's boring here without you."  Aww...

Here's a good example of what my husband would do that I'd never dream of. 

Over the weekend we went kayaking for the first time ever as a family, now that my daughter knows how to swim. We had tons of fun.  It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed kayaking all the way to the Esplanade and back, and seeing our fair city from a different vantage point.

I complimented my husband on such a great idea for family outing.  He said yeah, we should do it more often.  

After we paid for the kayak rental, my husband said, "It's too expensive.  Let's get a kayak." 

"What?!!" Wouldn't buying one be more expensive?  And where would we store something like that?  I thought surely my husband was joking.

Nope, an inflatable kayak costs $69 on Amazon, he informed me.  And a few days later, we're the proud owner of one.  And right after work one day, he took the kids out to Magazine Beach to try it.  


 Turned out they forgot the detachable skeg, and the kayak was a bit hard to control without it.  My son said, "Ohh... That's probably why some fish has fins on the bottom."  

Unfazed, my husband and the kids had a fun time walking the kayak home. 

I may still feel unsure about an inflatable kayak, but clearly my kids and husband are having a lot of fun with it.   I'm proud of the kids, and very much appreciate my husband for leading them on an adventure. ;-) 

If you want to borrow a kayak, skeg included, you know who to ask. ;-)

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