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Sleepaway Camp

My older one is at his first sleep-away camp in Connecticut. It was recommended by a couple of friends in the grade above him. This summer, he's going without anyone he knows for two weeks.

We have friends who sent kid away to camp at 9.  So with my son at 10.5, seems like old enough to start.  Still, as the date gets closer I started getting worried.  So while traveling, I called to remind my son to not venture out on his own while in water or on land, and to always stick close to other kids.  "Yeah, yeah," my son said.

"Are you ready for camp?" I asked.

"Uh huh." My son didn't seem bothered.  Off he went.

They don't allow electronic devices at the camp, which I like; nor phone calls or emails, which I don't like as much.  Instead, we have to write letters.  So this week, I told my daughter we should both write.  We bought envelopes together, and found stamps, too. My daughter wrote hers as her favorite stuffed cat.  And asked me about the use of "Dear" and "Sincerely" in letters.

"Dear J:

I miss you! When are you gonna come back?  :(   

How's CAMP?

MEOW always remember to MEOW.

Sincerely Karina

(Cat face) I am sad"

Aww... very cute, I told my daughter.

I wrote mine in Chinese, not easy since I left China as a child, so I had to ask Google to translate frequently.  I asked my daughter if she wants to read it together. 

"No, too many words I don't know.  You read it." I read the letter.

"Aww... do you love Brother that much?  If I'm away at camp would you write to me too?" My daughter said.

"Of course," I said, surprised. She's usually spunky and independent.

"It's like my left hand vs. my right hand.  Can you love one hand more than the other?" I told my daughter. 

She shook her head.  We hugged, and got ready for her day camp.

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