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Letters from Son

After writing 3 letters to my son, and already one and a half week into his two-week sleep-away camp, I still didn't get any letters back.

My husband mentioned the camp counselor had said wisely that boys generally don't write.  That's helpful expectation setting. ;-)

Then that Thursday noon-ish, my father-in-law sent to our family's group chat, a photo of the letter he received from my son. 

"Phew, he's alive!" My first thought.  Then a sense of pride, "He actually wrote in Chinese to his grandparents!"  And then "Hey, how come he didn't write to us?"  

I'm embarrassed to say, as if he guessed my thoughts, my father-in-law wrote, "When you get home, you'll probably see a letter from him too."

Sure enough, that evening we found two letters in the mail from my son.  One about how everything is "amazing" at the camp.  He's enjoying swimming, boating, have "great food", and that the "big thing is I don't have any screens!" 

Hehehe, well yeah that's one of the reasons why I signed him up for the camp!  We were all curious how he fared, and it looks like he's doing just fine. :) And his other letter, in cursive, listed all the new friends he's made, and how he's enjoying the evening program with sports activities.  

My daughter, who wrote letters and made drawings for his brother, was a bit disappointed. "But he only wrote to mom and dad, and didn't even mention me.  The letter was signed 'Your son'. "

I hugged her. "We'll talk to him when he gets back."  

By the time we picked up our son last Saturday, we were all so happy to see him, we forgot about the omission. Then a few days later, we discovered another letter from my son in the mail.  This time it was in Chinese and addressed to his mom and sister, since my husband doesn't read Chinese.  It was even signed "Brother".

Now everyone's happy.  :-D

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