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Reading Time

Stay safe this weekend with the 100-degree weather!  We've got some museum events (sorry sent it out late for today, Piotr will yell at me no doubt. :)


While her brother's away at sleep-away camp, my daughter and I got to spend some quality time.  We got to read together more. 

Because her brother's a voracious reader who taught himself to read, I've never read much English books with my son.  Similarly, I haven't really prioritized reading with my daughter, especially once she could read.  Plus my daughter's scared by anything other than cute animals. Even My Little Pony with the mean pony is too scary.  This limits the range of books she reads.  

Her 1st grade report card came home saying more reading for her please, so I took this time to read with her.  It took a while for us to find books that actually have a plot and are not scary to her.  Once she started reading longer more challenging books,  I realized quickly that my daughter would mumble over longer words she doesn't know. "...Nappleton..."

"Wait, what's that word again?"

"I already said it."  

"Sorry but I couldn't hear you."

"Okay, fine." My daughter resisted, and read it letter by letter.  

"Syllable by syllable please, one at a time."


"Napoleon.  You have to read the "E" too."  I said.  We were reading Thea Stilton, about 5 spunky mouseling girls, and their adventure in space with Napoleon Smith.  The story was interesting enough that she kept reading.

Once she got comfortable sounding words out, she quickly showed improvement.  She would tackler a new word without me prompting her.  I praised her for effort, and that got her to do more of it.

And by the third day, I saw her reading the book by herself!  That's a first for a real chapter book! :)

Most mornings I'd walk my daughter to summer camp.   One morning she wrote in chalk: Mom is Awesome.

I hugged her and took a picture of it, and told her I'm gonna look at pictures like these when she's a teenager. ;-)

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