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Kids Race

This weekend is the Cambridgeside Run & Ride.  This will be our third time attending.  Our kids had fun every year.  (And no, I'm not getting paid to say that. :)  

We often end up after the race with a group of kids looking completely exhausted but happy. Some we knew were going, others we ran into at the race.  Be warned while the race starts at 10 sharp, it can go on for a while.. there are many different age groups and some run & bike while others just run.   Little kids run for a quarter mile only, while older kids run for .4 miles and bike for .7.  

I love to watch my kids finish the race.  They look so happy and proud, it's hard not to feel the warm fuzzies. ;-)

Kids (and adults) often love to find and cheer on their friends. 

There's usually a ton of activities going on while you wait: free food samples, crafts, and giveaways and even kayaking.  Just pace yourself if you have multiple kids, you'll likely be there till 12 noon with a 9+ year old.  As exhausted as your kids, but also as happy as the kids. ;-)

Hope to see you Sunday!  More info here.

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