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My Little Girl

My daughter's now 7, will turn 8 in 3 months.

The other day after picking up our kids, my husband (with the superior nose) said he smelled something when our girl leaned forward.

"Wait, let me smell it." He leaned closer to our daughter. An incredulous expression came across his face. 

"Smell her."  He said urgently.  I was skeptical but acquiesced and smelled my girl's left armpit.

O no! She's got B.O.  I looked at my husband in shock.  

He nodded to me. "Only on one side."  We drove home in silence, while our kids chatted away.

After we put the kids to bed, my husband started first, "Is this the start of puberty... this is too early!  She's not even 8!"

"Is this because we didn't keep buying the more expensive organic milk?"  A pang of guilt came over me.

"Let's just switch to that, to be on the safe side." My husband said decisively. Then, "Oh my little girl.  Why can't she stay five forever.  Everyone will love it if she just stays five and cute."

"Well, she might have a problem with staying five forever..." My rational side answered. Guess I was just not ready to deal with this emotionally. :(

Instead, I did what I always do when faced with parenting problems... I googled.  Thank goodness!  Apparently B.O. can happen way before puberty.  And at 8 or so, it's not that uncommon.  And no it's probably not the milk's fault: they test milk for any hormone and will reject if found. 

I calmed my nerves and messaged my husband's sister-in-law, a pediatrician.  She validated that the timing seems "about right".  Apparently B.O. can happen years before puberty.   She suggested kids' deodorant.    Another mom also told me it's been "at least 3 years" since her 11-year old had B.O.  

A couple of days later, the kids' deodorant arrived.  

"Ohh... it smells nice." My daughter approved.  Then giggled as we put it on her, thinking we were tickling her. 

Aww.. my little girl. I hugged her. 

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