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I got some interesting feedback from my last blog.  Usually people tell me they are thankful that I share what's going on in our family, as many of us are going thru similar issues with parenting.  Talking about issues publicly can take away the stigma, and help us to all realize that "We Are Not Alone."

But it seems sometimes I may have crossed the line.  One mom, a pediatrician, pointed that after last week's blog that I may not have been considerate of my kids' medical privacy.  She has a good point!  Choosing to share shouldn't just be my decision but also my kids'.

I don't yet have a clear line of what to share and what to leave out.  It's probably just something I'll have to learn to navigate.  If you have suggestions on this, please do write back!

* * *

In other news, our school had our summer playdate and I met a bunch of new families!  There are the usual questions about afterschool and lunch and school bus.  Our school has a highly competitive community afterschool, where people get in line for hours for signup.  I did hear from one mom that the director is rethinking signups to make it less painful an experience.  That'd be AWESOME!

Nothing like playdates to hear the latest school news from other parents. ;-)  My kids also had a lot of fun; they were so happy to see other kids from our school they haven't seen in a while!

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