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Chinese Camp Update

Did the summer just fly by or what?  Can't believe it's Labor Day already. 

Happy to report this year's Chinese Summer Camp during the last two weeks of summer went very well.  

This is our 4th year doing the camp, with Teresa (the Director from a Chinese school in Newton), and the 2nd year at the Central Square location.  We had a smaller crowd than the previous year.  I heard from some parents that the space we rented from a church in Central Square was a bit hot last year.  So this year,  the teachers kept the space cool and airy, by installing an air conditioner and bringing more fans. So despite the hot days we had, it was always cool inside.   

This year we also added Lanyu "Bunny Queen" Zheng from the MLK Community School as a teacher.  That has worked really well!  She's gotten the kids to go on a lot more field trips around, to the library, the MLK playground, and even to the Harvard Art Museum.   It was cute to see my kids excitedly looking for their library cards in the house. :)

The idea for the Chinese camp is exposure to Chinese while doing fun activities, including singing, Chinese yo-yo, and story telling.  And the cooking classes were once again a hit this year, at least with my kids.  They especially enjoyed the dumplings class: my daughter enjoyed rolling the dough, while my son thought the meat filling was "yummy and deliciously moist". ;-)  There was also a vegetarian version.

During morning drop-offs I often see kids happily chatting with each other or like below. having a spontaneous pillow fight.  

The majority of kids in the camp are from MLK or about to start MLK.  But we also have kids from other schools in Cambridge or even outside.  A few parents told me their kids liked the Chinese so much they'd like to find Chinese tutors to help the kids continue with the language learning. 

Success! ;-)

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