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Back to School

How's back to school for you and your little one(s)?

Now that my son's in 5th grade and my daughter's in 2nd grade, back to school is easier. No tears like in kindergarten, they just march right in the door and barely even say bye. I confess it makes me a little wistful; I still remember back when my daughter clung to me the whole time down in the cafeteria where kids line up by class, then clung to me all the way up to the classroom when we had to part ways.

Instead, this back-to-school the big focus for my daughter was for her new backpack to arrive.  For a couple of days she couldn't think about much besides her new backpack with the happy unicorns.  We keep hearing about her was how much she's looking forward to it, at breakfast, in the car, at bedtime. ;-)   My son's got a more grown-up gray backpack.

My son's big concern was who's gonna be his new teacher?  In third thru fifth grade there are two classes per grade, and the kids get shifted around a bit. My son and his friends' criteria for a teacher is whether she's nice, whether she yells. This is especially concerning to my son because he can often get lost doing his thing, e.g. reading a book, and not hear the teachers.  He often hears raised voice at home too, as my husband and I get tired of asking him to do things.

My son gets intel about the teachers from older friends.  In third grade he got the stricter teacher, luckily on the 3rd day the teacher figured out my son can't hear at times.  In 4th grade he got the nicer teacher.  His friend said the other teacher is stricter but gives out candy.  That turned out to be candy for the MCAS, and my son's teacher did the same.  (My husband looked it up and apparently there is such a thing, as a little bit of sugar can improve test-taking. )  So now my son thinks his friends had incomplete info on who's the better teacher. 

So my son was all about finding out who's his new teacher for 5th grade.  We found out there was a letter that we just forgot to open till the day of the school. He opened it eagerly, and was happy to see he got the "nicer" teacher.  He's come home saying yep, indeed the new teacher is very nice.

My daughter in 2nd grade got the same teachers except for one on maternity leave.  So not much change for her.

We look forward to the new school year, and for the new challenges we're sure to face. :)

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