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Parent Screentime

Last week we talked about kids' screentime.  I asked you about how you feel about your kids' use of screens.

See the poll result below.  Looks like half of you are quite concerned, and another 20%, like me, use it as a reward to get kids to do stuff.  Hey, thanks for making me feel not alone here. :)  

This is what one mom said on screen time: "it's a huge struggle. my daughter is 13. she officially gets 1.5 hours of phone time per day, 30 minutes of social media. TV is no issue as this is a total different direction than the addictive presence of phone and social media. i encourage her to take a "break" and watch TV! ha."

Uh, well you heard it from a middle school parent, taking a TV can be a break from worse forms of screentime!

What I want to talk about today is parents' screentime.  Did you notice how we all tend to spend a lot of time on screen ourselves?

More and more, in my conversation with other parents, I or them would pull out our phones to show something, to look up something.  Moms tell me they browse their phone to "relax."

According to time-tracking apps, I spend about 10h a day on my laptop (4h on emailing!) and another 1h+ on my phone.  That sounds ridiculously high. 

My kids started telling me, "How come you tell us to rest our eyes but you never do?"

My daughter would sit on me while I'm using a laptop sometimes.  At first I tried to tell her I'm not a chair.  Then I realized she needs some attention.

Worse, just like my son often has a bad mood after too much screentime, I noticed I often get annoyed or frustrated when my kids interrupt me while I'm browsing or emailing.

It makes me feel a bit guilty.   Shouldn't a good mom pay more attention to kids vs. screens?

I've decided recently to not use my laptop in the evening while my kids are still up.  And instead spend time reading or playing games with my kids.

It's not easy.  Often I get interrupted with work or volunteering emails or instant messages. Or I'm just exhausted and don't have the energy to read with them. But when i do  spend quality time with my kids in the evening, honestly I feel better: I get to enjoy them more, and they feel happier too.

What do you think? Do we need to lead by example on screentime?

Do you ever worry about your own screen usage? Leave a comment on your thoughts!

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