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Parents Screentime Result

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you about parents' screen time. Your answers surprised me.

Wow, almost half of you are quite concerned about your own screen time, and very few are not concerned.  This is on par with how you worry about your kids' screentime. 

For me, growing up programming, I always thought others have much healthier screen habits.  The new reality is so different from even a few years ago, when smartphone are less popular.   

You said, it's hard to practice what we preach to our kids!   What one mom said:  "I’m a happier and more embodied person away from the screen. Unfortunately, my work and a lot of the goals I’m trying to accomplish in life right now involve the computer. Taking frequent short breaks and staying mission focused on the computer is important. It is an endless source of distraction where you can easily lose yourself!"

Isn't that the truth!  With that, I think I'll take a little screen time break. ;-)  Talk to you next week.

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