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Getting shots

We were heading to the travel clinic to see if we need shots before a trip.

My kids are 10 and (almost) 8.  You'd think this means they are long pass the days of being scared of shots.  When my daughter found out the night before, she said, "Oh I hope there won't be any shots!"

Sensing her anxiety, and wanting a good night's sleep for her, I was careful to tell her that night and the next day that we're seeing travel doctors, and we don't know yet if we'd get shots.  No need to worry yet!  

After we picked up our kids and on the way to the doctor's, my daughter again brought up her worries over shots.

My husband said, "What? Of course we're getting shots!  Why would we go there otherwise.  You kids are going to be tough, right?"

My daughter didn't say anything, while my son protested loudly he doesn't want any shots. 

"You're 10 years old, you can't still be worried about shots!" My husband was surprised.

At the doctor's, we found out the adults get one shot each and the kids two.

"Two shots!" my son said, "That's not fair."  My daughter's still quiet.

"Who wants to go first?" Asked the doctor.  Uh, not my kids.

I got my shot first as I had to leave for a meeting.  "Just stings a bit," I said.  Trying to reassure them.

The nurse said, "Might be best for who's most anxious to go next."  

"Me, me!" My son said.

As I was packing, I saw my son yelling at my husband to show him a video to take his mind off of the shots he's about to get.


Then in ride to work, I saw texts from my husband: "Oh no, daughter freaked out."  

Apparently she's so worked up about the shots, it took both my husband and a 2nd nurse to hold her down to get her shots. My poor husband!

"What happened??"  I asked my daughter later.  "We didn't even know you were worried.  You were so chill about it in the office."

"Yeah I was okay, and I saw you got a shot and I was okay. But then..."

"But then you saw how scared your brother was and you got really scared?" 

"Yeah... " My daughter said sheepishly.  I hugged her while she clinged to me.

And I started thinking about how can I better prep them for next year.  And what about that MIT startup that makes shots into a button you press, so they won't hurt kids...  Yeah, problem-solving is I cope. ;-)

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