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Traveling Unwell

We enjoyed traveling together with my inlaws, along with my brother-in-law's family.  So we've got 2 grandparents and 4 kids, a big group of 10 of us.

My son loves the local food, so he's had a bit too much to eat one night.

3am the next morning, he sat up in bed saying "I don't feel very well."  Sure enough, he threw up next to his bed.

My husband and I both woke up stunned.  We got our son to the bathroom but not before he threw up another time or two.

My husband went into crisis mode, and said loudly: "You threw up everywhere!" 

My son looked scared, with hunched over shoulders, "Daddy's upset with me."

I hurried to put my arms around him and tell him, "You're just not feeling well.  You didn't do anything wrong."

My husband said to me, "He threw up everywhere. We need to clean up the virus."

I tried to tell him it's possible that our son just ate too much, and there may not be a contamination risk, and it was too harsh to our son, but it fell on deaf ears.

My husband wiped the place clean with disinfectant, and took off the covers and sheets and even washed the mattress pads, with his parents' help.  It was really a lot of work.

Exhausted, my husband said.  "The room still smells like throw-up. How would we sleep tonight?"

I opened the window wide to air things out a bit. 

Seeing him calmed down a bit, I tried again, "Go apologize to your son.  You scared him. It's not his fault that he threw up."

To his credit, my husband did just that. 

My son was comforted and went to sleep.

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