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Snow Day

How was Snow Day for you this  week?

The kids were definitely happy. No school!  Not even afterschool!

My husband works for a biotech, and it's hard for him to work from home.  So I volunteered, as usual.

"Just put them in front of TV, turn on some educational programs." My husband said, trying to be helpful.  Thanks but no thanks, I don't believe in TV as a baby sitter.

"Kids", I told them. "Today I'm going to do some work, and you have your math and other work too.  Then you can play outside or have some screen time later too."

"Can I play some videogames if I finished my work then? " My son immediately asked.  I compromised, after 5pm.

The kids said they want to learn some algebra, must be hearing something at school.  Luckily their JUMP Math workbooks both have something on Patterns & Algebra.  (Not the algebra I know, but hey. :)  I like those workbooks because they break down math learning to easy little steps, so kids usually don't need to ask me for help.

We ate lunch. They played in the snow.  They did more readings.

My son wanted to play chess with me for fun.  "Nope, sorry. Mommy's gotta work."

"You're supposed to read with me." My daughter complained. 

"Mommy can't do that right now, as you know."

By the time my husband came home, a half hour later than usual, I was pretty tired.

"I can't believe our XX meeting ran over 3 hours." My husband said. 

I'd like to say I was empathetic to his work plight, but honestly all I could muster was, "Well, I've been with these monkeys all day.  Your turn now. " 

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