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Happy Holidays!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday break!

My son complained about this Xmas not being as great as last year, because he didn't get the gifts he wanted (he felt we misunderstood him).  I empathized with his feelings, then reminded him that the holidays aren't about the gifts but spending time with family.

We did get to spend a lot of time with family. First skiing and pre-Xmas with my inlaws and brother-in-law's family,  and now my brother and his family is visiting from Cali. 

Very happy time for my kids as they get to spend time with cousins first on one side, and  then on the other.  If there's anything my kids like more than spending time with the cousins... well they certainly haven't told me about it. :)  I found the boys talking silly for hours with each other, and the girls hiding together in the closet and giggling hard.  


My son didn't complain anymore about the gifts or lack thereof. :)

Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends! 

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