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Fun First Night

How was your New Year's Eve? 

This is the first time in a long time we've done the First Night celebration. We took our kids to the Frog Pond on Boston Common to watch the Ice Skate Show and the Fireworks, and it worked out great.

We've been in town and saw there wasn't much traffic anywhere, so we took the risk of driving and found parking right on Charles Street.  We got to the Ice Skate Show at the Frog Pond just a few minutes after 6, when the show started, and were able to find spots for ourselves to stand.  My husband did have to lift my daughter a few times to see the figure skaters.

Thankfully it was warm.  My kids had fun watching the skaters. Many are students 14 and older, right from around the state.  We cheered from someone from Arlington. 

They look graceful on the ice, and did both more traditional routines and some fun modern dance ones.  We sang along some fun tunes they skated to. My son commented, "O that boy's the best one!" 

Trying to capitalize on it, I asked my kids if they'd like to learn to skate (finally).  "No thanks," my kids weren't so easily persuaded.

After three performances, my husband decided to lead the kids on an expedition to find hot cocoa.  They came back after a bit with their cocoa and some Munchkins.  My husband said "We ran into your friends 100 feet from here."

Really?  We walked over and sure enough, found my friends who were watching with their kids and their friends visiting from out of town.  They said it's become their annual tradition to get a hotel in town to celebrate the new year.

At 7pm the Fireworks started.  I tried to take a bunch of pictures but then decided to just watch and enjoy.  

At 7:25 we said bye to our friends and drove home.  An easy, fun New Year's Eve!

And happy 2020 to you!

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