The Emotionally Unavailable Man

Patti Henry


The Emotionally Unavailable Man details how men become emotionally unavailable and what women do, unwittingly, that encourages them to stay that way...

The Emotionally Unavailable Man is two books in one. One part is for the emotionally unavailable man and the other is for his partner. It details why men become emotionally unavailable and specifies the actions that can be taken by both men and women to realize improvement. It helps men

-- get their "power,"

-- stop avoiding difficult situations,

-- calm their partner’s anger,

-- learn how to say "No,"

-- set and maintain appropriate boundaries,

-- be more effective at work,

-- increase and enhance the sex in their relationship, and

-- feel personal freedom and happiness.

It helps women

-- determine if their partner is capable of being emotionally available,

-- decide what they can — and cannot — do to help,

-- discover how to lose their anger, exercise mutuality and safety,

-- learn how to recognize and confront their own resistances,

-- restore hope about long-term change, and

-- gain clarity about their future.

Sample reviews

1) This is the first self-help book I have ever read that hit right on the money. It is the first book that accurately describes how I feel as a man in this society and has helpful, doable suggestions for healing. It has, literally, saved my marriage. I highly recommend it.

2) This book was a revelation ... finally I understand why my husband behaves the way he does and why I respond to him the way I do ... and why we kept engaging in such a futile dance on a daily basis. In a sense, it's taken us both "off the hook".

The bottom line is that this knowledge has empowered me. I have changed the way I respond to him. I no longer take his behaviour personally, but instead accept this as a universal problem with many, many men and not just with my man. He's now reading the book and (for the first time with any book he's read) said "it makes sense".

Often self-help books make men feel inadequate. This book instead reinforces that the behaviour of the emotionally unavailable man is entirely normal in the circumstances. It acknowledges their fear and hesitancy whilst gently encouraging them to take tentative steps in overcoming their lifelong conditioning. It is a doable "blueprint for healing".