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Survey for online Great Glass Pumpkin Patch @ MIT
This year The Great Pumpkin Patch will be online. The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch @ MIT is an annual installation of ...
Friday 8/07, 10am - Sat., Online   Google | iCal
4 Interested

Magazine Beach Pool Opened
Sounds like the pool will open Friday, June 26th, 11:15am-6:45pm, and will be open daily all summer–if we can keep the ...
Friday 6/26, 11:15am - Sat., Magazine Beach Pool   Google | iCal
14 Interested

Participants needed Research Study: ScratchJr Activities
Greetings from the DevTech Research Group! We are currently searching for children with prior ScratchJr knowledge t...
Thursday 7/23, 10am - 8/31, Online   Google | iCal
9 Interested

Free Kite Fridays on Spectacle Island
Through August every family receives a free kite with their Spectacle Island tickets purchase.
Saturday 8/01, 10am - 8/31, Spectacle Island   Google | iCal
3 Interested including Wileyces

Kelleher Rose Garden
Rose garden is open! The garden contains more than ten classes and 200 varieties of roses. There are almost 1,500 plant...
Thursday 7/23, 7am - 8/31, Back Bay Fens, Boston   Google | iCal
4 Interested

**Postponed to fall** Earth Day Charles River cleanup + School Grounds Cleanup and bring your own Picnic
We welcome all families at MLKing, Morese, Kennedy Longfellow and PAUS to celebrate Earth Day with us at the Charles Ri...
Tuesday 9/01, 9:00am   Google | iCal
4 Interested

Ferry Service Returns to Spectacle Island
Spectacle Island is accessible by public ferry through October 12th, 2020. Georges, Peddocks, Lovells, Grape, and Bump...
Wednesday 7/01, 10am - 10/12, Boston   Google | iCal
3 Interested

Recreation Saturdays (new!) & Sundays on Memorial Drive
Memorial Drive is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). DCR closes M...
Sunday 4/12, 10am - 11/02, Memorial Drive, Cambridge   Google | iCal
12 Interested

ICA Now Open
The ICA is now open, with free admission for the public July 16–19. Advance tickets required. Learn more about our new ...
Thursday 7/16, 10am - 12/31, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston   Google | iCal
7 Interested including Michael

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