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Jump On In


Location: Jump On In , 100 Holton St, Boston, MA 02135, United States
Birthday Party Cost: $375/25 kids, $275/15 kids
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Donielle: Hosted a party here and then many of our friends did as well. Loved how easy it was. No set-up, etc. They handled ordering the pizza and we just brought the cupcakes. Kids have a great time and are nice and tired once the party is over.

Tien-Yi: We've had multiple parties here. This place allows for the greatest number of kids, and there's plenty of room for parents to stand around to chat. Staff takes care of everything, just bring the cake.

Rebecca: Most popular party venue for our kids' friends. The kids always have a very fun time. You'll get to use two different bouncy rooms, then it's time for cake! (Bring your own.)

David: Kids have a great time and are exhausted after. Always feels a bit like a bday party factory.

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