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ABC Spanish in Motion (3 half-days)


Our Spanish summer programs provide an opportunity for children four to eight years of age to begin to learn and practice Spanish in an immersive and cultural context. Children sing, make music, play games, craft, and prepare food as the themes change weekly. Children develop confidence and improve social skills through sharing and group activities in a highly social and participatory setting.

Spanish Summer Program in Action
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This program provides not only a structured class full of ideas and activities for you to do with your children but also provides a music CD to extend the learning experience to your home.

Native speakers conduct classes fully in Spanish, using a variety of teaching aids including miming, American Sign Language, role -play, puppets, instruments,
songs, dance and more.

Class curricula changes weekly, as does the original music used each day. Themes included everyday items such as colors, shapes, food, simple commands, etc. as well as Latin-American themes including rhythms & music, instruments,indigenous animals, foods, etc. All class materials are provided, and children are grouped with others of a similar age. Healthy snacks are also provided on the days we are not preparing native, Latin-American food.

Location: Amigos School, 15 Upton St, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
Age: 4-8
Duration: July 10- August 16
Time: 9-noon
Cost: $150 per week
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