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Steve and Kate's Camp, Cambridge


Location: Cambridge Friends School, 5 Cadbury Rd, Cambridge, MA 02140, United States
Age: 4+
Duration: June 19 - Aug 18
Time: 7:30-6
Cost: $105/day
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Kathryn: Idyllic camp experience, wonderful people, actively inclusive of everyone, super easy for parents! Prices are lower in bulk and they give refunds.

Sen: Forrester loved it last year (I think he went for 6 days). They have many different studios. Forrester loved the Style Studio, where he learned to sew and crochet ropes. It's a bit pricey (prices went up this year) so we don't find it affordable for long periods of the summer. But because it's so flexible (you can drop of any day you want without telling them), it's a good way to get coverage when you need a day here or there.

: Unique activities

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