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YMCA Swimming Classes


Location: , 820 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
Age: 6 months+
Time: Evenings and weekends
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Alicyn: So glad we signed up our 4-year-olds for swimming at the Y. They had Darius, who was fantastic. He quickly got the kids comfortable in the water and successfully encouraged their independence and confidence. We've taken a break from swimming, but we'll be going back when the kids' schedules allow, and we hope to have Darius again, although I've heard good things about the other teachers as well.

Kristin: We really like the teachers a the Y (we've had Darius, Chris, and Dana). The class sizes are kept reasonable (2-4 kids) and the instructors are great.

Kirstin: Very pleased with the instruction at the Y in Cambridge. We have taken part for the last 6 years (on and off).

Nancy: My son has been taking classes as part of his afterschool program (also located at the YMCA). Same teachers as the regular kids classes. They've done a great job teaching him to swim. The pool is on the short side (20 yds) but is warmer (according to my son) than the MIT pool.

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